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Drawing Can Be Fun After All

As it turns out, sketching and drawing can be fun if you just stop worrying about it so much!

Going through architecture school, it is drilled into your head time and time again that sketching and hand rendering are indispensable skills that must be perfected and practiced regularly. While that may be hyperbole, there is a certain, unspoken pressure to maintain a level of deftness with a pen and a blank field when one pursues a life within the world of design.

My relationship with sketching and drawing has been a tumultuous one for years. Even to this day, if I am tasked with sketching a scene or a building that stands before me with someone else hovering over my shoulder, putting the pen to the page is the last thing I want to do. However, only recently, I discovered that joy can still be found in the act of 2D creation... as long as I engage in it on my own terms, at my own leisure.


The following gallery contains a handful of sketches and "doodles" that I created in spare moments here and there.

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