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Route 66 Thematic Town Revival Master Plan

Master Plan.png

While it was borne of an agrarian heritage, Arcadia gained life from its main artery: Route 66. American travelers happened upon Arcadia and its iconic Round Barn as they zipped along the Mother Road. Like a great black hole on the cosmic horizons, Arcadia of the future will draw people in from all directions with an immense force.

Don't miss out on the Round Barn exhibit to see the true contrast between the past and the contemporary! Before you know it, you'll hear "Stop the hovercar!" The new and improved Arcadia is purpose-built for the extravagant. Join friends and strangers alike in a grand festival of music, food, and fun when stop-overs come to town!

This project was both an exploration of masterplan strategy as well as the impact and implications of new development in Small Town America. Arcadia of 2018 is a dilapidated town with few inhabitants and a single tourist "destination" in the Round Barn. The delicate nature of a small town's culture and history is not something to be discarded in the name of new development. Rather, in this project, the height of Space-Age American road-trip tourism was brought back into the town with character and delight.

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