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Los Angeles, California

Community-Driven Arts District Rejuvenation

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Take the everyday experience of “home” and break the line between routine and extraordinary. A place for living becomes a sanctuary for community. A lively social center integrates into a hub of the residential experience.


This apartment building will serve as the local cultural staple for the Los Angeles Arts District. Located at the terminus of Traction Avenue, the public-access storefront and cafe will invite pedestrian traffic while maintaining the established urban edge. Sharing a border with busy 4th Street creates a daily moment of awe for regular commuters and passersby.


The final product is a successful integration of residential spaces into a public, community-driven domain rather than the more orthodox separation.

This project was a first foray into urban design and the many accommodations that must be made in designs because of it. Curb appeal meets practicality. Commercial meets residential. The existing SCI-Arch parking lot is imaginatively re-purposed in an effort to reinvigorate the formerly-vibrant Arts District of Los Angeles. A lost sense of community will be returned and a whole district will be inspired to rise to its former glory.

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