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The Scissortail Park Community Arts Center

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With the continuation of its city-wide M.A.P.S. Program for urban and suburban planning and development, Oklahoma city is on the brink of a new and exciting era. An increase in national notoriety will require an established and immediately recognizable armada of architectural icons to give the city its own unique face. The Scissortail Park community performing arts center will proudly stand at the forefront of Oklahoma City’s new push for a piece of the spotlight.

After the Oklahoma city M.A.P.s. 3 project is completed by 2020, the surrounding area will see an influx of businesses and residences. This “gentrification” process is common when vast civic projects occur. The Scissortail Community Performing Arts Center is centrally located within this zone of development, solidifying its status as a key component of the new Oklahoma City.

Even as Oklahoma City pushes outward in all directions from its civic center, new and undeniably unique communities will gradually flesh out its fringes. However, with strategic design and proactive planning, a community can be shaped around a central element. While the Scissortail Park Community Performing Arts Center is a physical hub for a budding neighborhood, it is more vitally the vessel in which that community’s identity is born and maintained through sharing of culture and art.

The lower floor of the Scissortail Park Community Performing Arts Center is home to the new neighborhood’s cultural and artistic hub. Accessed from the neighborhood face of the site, this bright, open space acts as the local residents’ home away from home. Any community member can walk in expecting to see a neighbor’s masterpiece on one of the walls in the community gallery or a local friend enjoying a coffee and a book in the cafe. This space is meant to function every day as a casual, inviting hearth for those that live nearby. Between the patio and the grand stairs sits a rehearsal room that can also double as the communal education space and event hall.

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