I was born in and adopted from the Vladimir oblast in western Russia at the age of five months. I grew up in the Denver, Colorado area enjoying such activities as snowboarding, 4x4 off-roading, and running.

I am currently pursuing both a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering (Structural Focus) at Oklahoma State University. I was inspired to tailor my education around the designed environment after visiting Walt Disney World multiple times throughout my teens.

I maintain my pursuit of both degrees, motivated by a genuine interest in expanding my knowledge base. I am passionate about design development aspects like code compliance, universal design, and efficient system implementation. I cherish every opportunity to re-realize that buildings, construction, and the human environment are a very, very complex problem to be solved.

When I'm not buried by school work, I enjoy playing bass guitar, listening to music, and reading a page-turner on the porch if the weather allows.




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